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Hey guys, actually this is a throwback from my old blog ( I hope you enjoy it still;

A cool Monday afternoon,
Her eyes glow like the moon,
Notices his stare, fiddles with her spoon,
As he eats, she watches his hand,
Fans herself then removes her hairband,
Time’s off essence, she knows how to demand.

She meets then seizes his eyes,
Confirms the desire still in disguise,
He smiles with his eyes-clear like the skies,
I have to tell you something, he says,
I hope he asks for it, she prays,
You brighten up my life, you are my sunrays.

She giggles a bit then stares at his lips,
The tingling feeling’s run to her fingertips,
From her sleek toes to the in of her hips,
He finishes eating and walks to the sink,
Can’t stop herself gazing with not a blink,
She stands following him, Babe,I’m full to the brink.

He turns sharply and into her eyes drills,
Closing on him, your food gives me thrills,
Teasing, I wanna know how ur hand feels,
He touches her face, been waiting for this,
Fingers slip behind her eyes,goes for a kiss,
She softly moans, I like it, please don’t cease.

His hands slowly cascade below her hair,
Lips locked, tongues mingling in a pair,
Hands on his chest, she is almost there,
His lips move,lingers, moving to her neck,
Nibbles at her lobes, places a peck,
She’s sweating, he knows she is ready for a trek.

The grin,motivated, the buttons he undid,
On the bed he lain her,simple and splendid,
Until unhooking her,noticed she was turgid
Frantically,reached a spot,no pulse forming
Scared,confused. She started foaming,
What now? Why now? Death’s angel, you roaming?

© 2015